"They don't come much better than Johnny Burrows and 'Oh Boy!' is he good!"
- Today Tonight (ATN 7)

Coming soon!

My head is brimming with ideas and opinions regarding various subjects; some of them even rather controversial but then, controversy is no excuse to shy away from serious issues.

Whether the ideas shared will be in text or video format is yet to be determined but the delay for the moment regards ascertaining how to code this page in such a way as to enable feedback from visitors such as yourself in a safe, secure manner. I daresay I am a little more tech savvy than many other artists and so I aim to ensure that the average spammers and identity thieves in cyberland will have a tough time abusing the comments section.

As soon as I sort out the security issues and certain design elements, I will commence some serious blogging! In the meantime, stay tuned!